Beauty/Accessories/Clothing Haul

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to share a few beauty and clothing items I’ve gotten over the past few months that I felt were worth sharing.



The first is a pair of prescription cat-eye sunglasses I got in May. I don’t know the exact model name of the glasses, but the brand is Ralph Lauren. The frame has a hint of turquoise print and the inner part of the frames is peppermint blue, almost gray-blue. Very cute!


The next item is this shoulder bag from Forever 21 that I got when I was in Panama City, Florida. It’s a beautiful nude/blush color with gunmetal hardware and perfectly fits all of my necessities.


These pants were $4.99!!! Ummm, best deal EVER. These are simple olive green pants from the brand Celebrity Pink from the juniors section at Macy’s. Originally the pants are about $45, I believe. I do need to alter them because they’re a few inches too long for my five-foot-tall stature.



These shoes are so pretty! They are simple white heeled sandals with gold hardware details by Michael Kors (called “Kristen Mid”). I absolutely love the embossed snakeskin all over the sandals. The only thing I don’t like about these shoes are the heel. The heel is just a tad on the shorter side; I really wish it could be about an inch higher. Other than that, it’s perfect.


These black ballet flats are probably my favorite pair of flats! They are the Mabelle quilted flats by Jessica Simpson. I LOVE Jessica Simpson! I don’t own any of her perfumes (but I probably will purchase one in the future), but I love her clothing and shoe line. She makes such cute stuff. (BTW, who watched Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica back in the day?! I loved that show.)

The flats have a square toe to resemble a ballerina slipper, and they are quilted which makes them look a bit luxurious. They’re feminine without being too girly. The only downside: the back of the shoe scrapes against my heel. Sooo painful the first time I wore them, but I put a small band-aid on that part of the shoe so all is good now!



This monogrammed, white pillow I got was from a store called At Home. I’ve never heard of this store before, but I instantly fell in love with it because of all the cute home items it carries.

This decorative pillow was perfect for my all-white bed spread so I had to get it.


This Bath and Body Works candle smells lovely. It’s called Guava Colada and smells like a fruity, icy drink. One thing negative I will say about this candle is that the aroma is not very strong so it will not mask the Vietnamese food my mom cooks in the kitchen (which is why I purchase candles). Haha. Nonetheless, it is a great smelling candle that would work well if you are just looking to make your bedroom/living room smell nice.



The Maybelline Baby Lips in 05 Quenched is my go-to lip balm. Since it has SPF 20 it’s perfect for the summer, especially in the Georgia heat.

The clear nail polish is from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear collection. I use it as a glossy top coat. At $2.50, it’s a great affordable top coat polish.


I have mentioned this perfume in my previous post and thought I would include it in this haul. It’s Calvin Klein Eternity Purple Orchid, a fresh summery perfume. I think the bottle is so simple yet beautiful.


This next perfume is almost the complete opposite of the previous one. The Body Shop’s Madagascan Vanilla Flower has a very warm and cozy vanilla scent. It is definitely not a summer scent and I will save this for when fall and winter rolls around. I can’t wait to wear it, because fall and winter is my favorite time of the year!


Last but certainly not least, I got a bubble bar from Lush. This is called “The Comforter” and was gifted to me a little over a week ago. It smells SO GOOD. I’ve used one of these bad boys before. It’s my favorite bubble bar and probably my favorite item from Lush. It’s described on the Lush website as “fruity blackcurrant” and features bergamot oil. The size of the bar is on the bigger side; I think it’s one of the biggest bubble bars that Lush makes, so I will usually cut these up into several pieces. This lasts for about 5-7 baths (at least for me).

Aaaaand, that’s it! Thank you so much for reading until the end. I hope you had a great weekend!


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